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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Basic Values And Lofty Goals

Yes, yes, rehabilitate America. I agree. But, where to start? There are so many, many issues and a plethora of special interest groups supporting each one.

Well, I met with my consultant, Pogo. He called in another consultant and we reviewed the matter in great detail. It was my first time to meet the Lorax in person. Impressive fellow. Focused and no nonsense. Very little humor. But, Pogo made up for that and together they are a great team. Like most consultants they spent some of the time telling me what I already know.

Americans lead unhealthy lifestyles and as a result they are unhealthy. The point was made that Americans are confused and lack understanding about healthy lifestyle. To counter this situation they turn to "experts" of all stripes and rely upon the medical care system to save them. This has made a shambles of public health, which has severely limited the capability for achieving optimum health status.

Both Pogo and the Lorax were insistent about the issue of American lifestyles polluting the environment. In turn, a polluted environment is an equal opportunity danger. It increases risk of poor health for everyone.

It was interesting to listen to these fellows discuss how American society defends and justifies its lifestyle. They were tossing around concepts like individual freedom, privacy, and economic development. However, it was agreed that concepts such as these are possible only when there is a clean, stable environment and optimum health.

The well-being of individuals and society depends upon stability of the environment and healthy lifestyles to maintain optimum health status. It is the basic role of society to protect the integrity of the environment and maintain a vigorous public health system. Both of these areas are subject to catastrophic events and both are absolutely dependent upon healthy lifestyle. All functions of government and society must support and serve these crucial areas.

I hasten to add that this report is my responsibility. Pogo and the Lorax gave their best advice. They are in agreement with the conclusions but they are not in position to endorse a specific report. (How's that for commentary on CYA and relativism in American society?)

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