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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Think About It, Plan For It, Do It

What is lifestyle? Everyone talks about it and there is a lot written about it. But, what is it?

Hmmm. Jet airplanes to Paris and Rome? Leather jackets and motorcycles? Mountain biking? Hiking the Appalachian Trail? Yep, these and much more.

Perhaps it is that lifestyle is what each of us does during 24 hours everyday. And, perhaps each of us would benefit from planning more of the details for the upcoming two days. The perception of lack of time may be lack of planning. Planning increases physical activity and improves diet. Managing stress requires planning. Planning clarifies priorities and distinguishes between must do, should do and want to do.

In other words, everyone has a lifestyle whether or not they regard it as such or recognize it. And, everyone is much more in control of their lifestyle than they care to admit.

The development of a healthy lifestyle requires planning for each upcoming two days. The plan is immediate; it is here and now. A good plan includes checking in every two weeks to be cheered or beat. No sympathy, no victims, no drugs, no surgery.

Today is last month's next month and last year's next year. Get with it!

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