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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Host Prerogative Understood

Absolutely you can publish it.

On 11/18/06,
Marcus wrote:

Topher, Please forgive me for not responding sooner to your thoughtful email about my submission to Grand Rounds. You exercised your prerogative as host and editor, and whatever disappointment I might have felt was overcome by the excellent Grand Rounds you produced.

After more than 40 years in clinical medicine, I started my blog because there is a need to constantly remind health care practitioners and patients that roughly half of health problems can be prevented. It may not be a message that everyone wants to hear. But, it is a necessary starting point for health care reform, which otherwise has become a series of financial gymnastics bringing misery both to practitioners and patients.

I bring this message to Grand Rounds because I am a practicing physician. It is my belief that health care practitioners have a responsibility for achieving and maintaining optimum health of individuals and the community. That responsibility extends far beyond responding to sickness after it occurs.

I wish you every good fortune with your future in medicine and look forward to reading about your progress.

Unless you object, I would like to post this email on my blog.

Best regards,Marcus----

RWT wrote:

Thanks Marcus for your submission. I have decided to not include your post in this week's Grand Rounds. While I applaud your mission statement, I feel that the issue of prevention as the next hurdle for the medical world has been adequately covered elsewhere. For Grand Rounds I'm looking for original literary pieces about the life of medicine, patient encounters and experiences, and educational pieces aimed at those already within medicine.

Sorry to disappoint, topher.

On 11/12/06,

Blog title: Fixin' Healthcare
Blog URL: http://fixinghealth.blogspot.com/
Post title: The Lifestyle Chronicles - Acute To Chronic, Symptoms And Causes
Post URL:

My blog is about lifestyles, health promotion and disease prevention. This post proposes that the science of prevention has outpaced the practice of prevention. And, the most significant aspect of prevention is healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration.


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