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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - The Holiday Spirit(uality)

The average person gains one to two pounds in weight from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Those who are not overweight and continue to exercise gain the least and overweight people who are sedentary gain the most. Eating more calorie rich food is commonly blamed for the weight gain and there are tips about how to prepare Holiday food to decrease this risk.

The Holidays are a time for travel and gathering with family and friends. People are removed from their usual routine and placed in situations where food is the rallying point. Most likely the increased consumption of calories, sugar and fat comes from frequent grazing more than overeating at meals. Even those who exercise regularly are knocked out of their routine in order to be social. And, let us not forget about the stress generated in these situations.

Keep in mind that almost everyone is concerned about this seasonal weight gain. Pay attention to the snacking and the grazing. How about hummus on celery, on hard boiled egg-whites or on pita bread instead of dry roasted peanuts, cheese on crackers or candy? Cottage cheese with grape tomatoes might appeal to some. Keep a pot of soup on the stove for snacks.

The Holidays can be the best time of the year for the buddy system. People find that walking and talking is an enjoyable way to visit. What better things to talk about than sights in the neighborhood or the town. Not only is this good exercise but it gets people out of the house, away from food and relieves stress.

Love of family and friends, and the spiritual meaning of the Holidays are a central aspect of healthy lifestyle. The rest is small stuff.

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