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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Inspiration Trumps Legislation For Health

Members of Congress are expected to approve laws and create public policy that will improve the health of the nation. This complex responsibility often boils down to consideration of mechanisms that provide accessibility to medical care at an affordable cost. However, I wonder if members of Congress ever consider how they might contribute in a more direct fashion to the health of the nation.

For example, the political campaign season is a grind on everyone from the candidates to the public. The media consultants run roughshod and there is not much to lift the mood or the spirits of the nation.

[My opponent filed a late income tax return (once in the distant past), (might be) suspected of embezzelment, (once might have) spoke(n) poorly of women, was observed in a nightclub, (could be) in favor of taxes and (might be) weak on defense.

I am Want R. Vote and I approve of this message.]

And these are the guys who are supposed to understand the nature of health enough to vote for programs that will improve the health status of the nation. No wonder their deliberations are occupied by the mechanisms and means to provide sick care.

There is an abundance of evidence indicating a relationship between positive mental health and physical well-being. Research by Dr. Paule Miquelon at McGill University suggests that people who pursue goals because of personal choice experience less stress and display greater improvement in physical health over time than those who pursue goals due to external pressure or a sense of guilt. Inspiration beats legislation to achieve and maintain optimum health status.

Is there any group other than Congress that has a greater impact upon the mood and spirit of the nation. Perhaps members of Congress could demonstrate how they pursue a healthy lifestyle and take every opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles in their sphere of influence.

Yes, by all means, provide for the care of those who are sick but take steps to reduce the incidence of sickness.

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