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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Acute To Chronic, Symptoms And Causes

Medical care during the last half of the 20th Century witnessed a surge in the incidence of chronic diseases. Many of these problems have been around for a long time and studied extensively. For example, Alzheimer's disease was described 100 years ago.

The common thread throughout this history has been advancement of knowledge about the nature of the diseases and improvement in therapy for relief of the manifestations of the diseases, but no cures. However, each turn of the screw comes closer to understanding how these diseases get started and develop (pathogenesis).

Whether it is longevity, inactivity, food supply, trace toxins, stress, something else or all of the above, it cannot be ignored that something(s) happened during the 20th Century that is impacting health in a different way.

As these things become more evident, there will be a change in the mind-set about health care and where the emphasis should be placed. The current health care system came about under the influence of a different set of conditions.

The science of prevention is growing steadily. The practice lags behind. One reason is that it does not fit the system already in place. The search for cures will reveal that prevention is achievable at far less cost over the long run and a better quality of life.

At least, that is my dream and I am sticking to it because the alternative is too terrible to comtemplate.

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