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Fixin' Healthcare

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Seeking Answers

A $5 million grant from the Starr Foundation ("Hank" Greenberg) to the Academic Medicine Development Company will fund a 5-year study to test interventions designed to delay or prevent the onset of Type-2 diabetes in children. The study involves 1,000 students to be recruited from public schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Nassau County.

The Academic Medicine Development Company is a consortium of 33 of New York State's medical schools, academic health centers and major medical research institutions.

A worthy study by an impressive group. This is a complex issue that needs more facts about what works in order to design effective interventions. The North Karelia Project, CardioVision 2020 and the health trainers (coaches) in the UK are related projects. Lessons learned from these projects will require special attention.

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