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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, September 22, 2007

If You Care Enough, Send the Very Best

Indeed, it is a complex world. At times it seems there never will be found solutions to the problems that plague us. Health care, energy policy and climate change are prominent examples of issues requiring urgent attention. The complexity is a legitimate basis for indecision, as well as an excuse for inaction. Yes, there are plenty of examples of the law of unintended consequences, as well as disasters that forewarned their coming and could have been avoided. Complexity and expertise can do that to you. Yes, but, on the other hand...

Solutions to complex problems often come from technology or financial changes. People prefer that way because it usually expands the economy and they don't have to change any of their ways. Occasionally the problem is solved but most often it is covered over to resurface bigger and more imposing.

Natural disasters notwithstanding, human behavior is the most powerful force impacting health and all life on earth. It is the most powerful force because it is the most consistent. As the twig is bent, the tree grows. When overwhelming issues such as health care, energy policy and climate change are viewed as the result of human behavior, they are found to have a common bond and a central core.

Conservation and prevention are well known but they are not popular. To practice conservation and prevention means adopting a healthy lifestyle. Congress cannot win elections with the number of people who lead healthy lifestyles. So, they will continue to be indecisive about energy policy and climate change, and pour increasing amounts of money into medical care. They all remember Jimmy Carter sitting before the television cameras wearing his sweater.

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