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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Get A Grip

Is exercise at the center, and forms the core, of good health?

Well, when we finally arrive and look behind the curtain, there is the Wizard of Oz walking rapidly at an incline on the treadmill. He smiles and says that he has to do more than casual walking for a few minutes each day to stay in control of his life.

There is question whether "30 minutes of gentile exercise might not be just a bit too gentile." But, does one have to be a runner and a weight lifter to be in good health and manage body weight? Evidence indicates the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

It is a matter of common sense. Almost everyone is aware of physical conditioning. Start slow and low, and build up the speed and the intensity. Another principle of conditioning is that as conditioning is achieved the improvement levels off.

Try to walk as a dedicated activity at least 30 minutes each day. Don't let it drive you crazy if walking 30 minutes is impossible for that day but be realistic about impossibility. Increase the time to one hour whenever possible and be realistic about possibility. Three days weekly gradually increase the thirty minutes to involve walking briskly uphill or a treadmill at incline or hiking in the mountains. In other words, "break a sweat." Those three days should include some sessions of weight training to maintain muscle tone, strength and balance. As with everything of value in life, the challenge is focus and discipline.

Scientific data shows that brains can regenerate themselves and do not have to decline with age. Evidence is showing that the "human brain is not only capable of renewing itself but that (aerobic) exercise speeds the process."

It won't be easy but it is necessary. And, you will feel better.

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