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Fixin' Healthcare

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Health Is the Journey Without End

Health care in the US is medical care. The last thing any sane person should want is universal insurance that provides access for everyone to the medical care system. That decision would surely increase the cost of care and lower the health status of the nation. Medical care serves those who are sick, ill and suffer with disease. It is appropriate for the medical care system to direct its attention and efforts to sickness, illness and disease. However, it is a disaster when the public comes to believe that medical care is health care.

To reform medical care is an exercise in futility if the goal is to decrease cost and improve health status of the population. Every effort should be made to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of medical care but the real challenge is to limit medical care to those who suffer with illness and disease. This can be best accomplished by the creation of a health care system to promote health and prevent illness and disease.

I do hope and pray that improving health status is what we are committed to. Our actions should make progress toward that goal and currently they do not. Let's get busy. There is a lot to do and many essential things we do not know.

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