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Fixin' Healthcare

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Videogames

Physical inactivity is a major aspect of unhealthy lifestyle. Inactivity is associated with a number of things but one often mentioned is the widespread use of videogames by youth. If true, and it probably is, could videogames be used to promote health and healthy lifestyle? Others are creating videogames for useful purposes. I pass these along for what they are worth in hopes that someone might see some use for improving health status.

The military makes widespread use of computers and they are finding use of videogames as a training tool. Turns out that American youth have the prior experience for a runnung start. The United Nations World Food Program developed a videogame called Food Force to teach children something about global hunger. More than three million people have downloaded it (at http://www.food-force.com) and the NFL Players Association has become a promotional partner. It was not cheap, Food Force cost $350,000 to develop.

Might be worth a try for those who know more about this than I do.


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