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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Lifecycles

The human lifecycle contains spans of time when it is possible to get the attention of people. For example, women during pregnancy are usually focused upon a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Children from infancy to five and six years old require great care and attention because all evidence indicates they are sponges of interactive learning and highly receptive templates. It is possible to get the attention of children in elementary school but it requires some organization. And, getting the attention of young people in junior high through high school presents much more of a challenge.

These are windows of opportunity for building of purpose for individual lives that will yield great benefit for society. All of the resources available to a society should have some aspect devoted to those special times. One example is the high leverage yield from attention to children from birth to five or six years.

Retirement is being challenged anyway, so it might as well be put on the table. The concept of retirement belongs to a bygone era. Society cannot afford to lose the participation of people whose healthy and productive life span is more likely to be increased if they remain engaged and active. Eliminate the retirement age and utilize social security for people who really need it.

That is enough preaching, especially for a Saturday afternoon.


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