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Fixin' Healthcare

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Before Pregnancy

The development of healthy lifestyle for a society requires starting at the beginning. That point is earlier than many might think The health status of young women in the childbearing years is of crucial importance. And, these young women need to understand healthy lifestyle to assure a healthy pregnancy and care for the child that will be their responsibility.

There is evidence that a child is more likely to be overweight if the mother was overweight before pregnancy. Young women need to be protected from exposure to toxins, especially those that hang around for a long time such as mercury. Physically fit, no smoking, healthy diet and managing stress are important prior to pregnancy.

I wonder if young women in our society realize that they are very special. What do public debates and attitudes teach them? Their lifestyles have far reaching significance and they should have special attention. Each community should examine how that is accomplished. In all cases it should start with the family but the family is only the beginning. In some communities the Girl Scouts address this issue. Schools, churches, clubs, neighborhoods. Let everybody feel the responsibility.

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