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Fixin' Healthcare

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Leadership

Governor Sanford of South Carolina has invited me to attend the National Governors Association Winter Meeting held Feb. 25-28 in Washington, DC. The first two days will be devoted to a national forum on Healthy America: Wellness Where We Live, Work and Learn, which seeks to raise national awareness about the urgent need for everyone to lead healthier, more active lives. This initiative by Arkansas Governor Huckabee, current chairman of the NGA, will highlight the behavioral changes necessary for sustainable, long-term health and work with the policy community to educate, motivate and guide actions to improve the wellness of all Americans.

Governor Huckabee practices what he preaches. He lost over 100 pounds by means of a healthier lifestyle and pulled himself from the clutches of diabetes. This comes at a time of increased attention to the epidemic of Type-2 diabetes mellitus associated with unhealthy lifestyle and obesity.

I look forward to the meeting and I will give you reports on the proceedings.


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