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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Memories

I have thoroughly enjoyed Grand Rounds posted today by Maria at intueri. She did a great job of presenting things in a new and delightful way. It prompted me to read more completely some of the blogs. Reading the experiences of others has filled the evening with memories. One of the memories seemed fitting to share on this Valentines Day.

It was long ago and far away on a warm summer night about 4am in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital. The night had been busy but now there was a lull in the flow. I was standing at the counter of the nursing station writing a note for the chart. The nurse who had worked with me most every night for the past two weeks was sitting behind the counter doing some chart work of her own. The door to the emergency room was open and there came through it the faint sound of an ambulance siren in the distance. I stopped writing and stared blankly ahead thinking of what might be coming. Gradually, I noticed the nurse had also stopped writing. As I looked at her, she smiled and said, "they are playing our song".

See, Maria, what you have done. It has taken me off focus from my topic. Or, maybe, it is all about my topic. The comradship developed doing difficult work is special and the memories last.
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