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Fixin' Healthcare

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Overwhelming But Unavoidable

Lifestyle is not one thing or the only thing, it is everything.
Lifestyle is the process of living all day, everyday.
Lifestyle is influenced by what is learned at an early age.
Lifestyle is assessing risk and managing risk, if you want to live.
Lifestyle determines health status over a lifetime, like it or not.
  1. What is eaten - whole food with high nutritional value (vegetables, fruit. nuts, seeds).
  2. What is not eaten - highly processed "junk" food is toxic to metabolism.
  3. How much is eaten - fill 'er up with whole food containing high nutrition value.
  4. When it is eaten - smaller, more frequent meals and don't forget breakfast.
  5. Daily physical activity of sufficient duration and intensity - 10,000 steps with some hills.
  6. Adequate sleep - grandmother said seven to eight hours.
  7. Managing stress - avoid it or take a deep breath and a walk.
  8. Avoiding unhealthy behavior
    • smoking
    • reckless physical activity
    • illegal drugs
    • excessive prescribed medications
    • excessive OTC compounds and herbal preparations
    • exposure to toxins and infections


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