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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sharing Risk

In the final analysis insurance is a mechanism to share risk and avoid financial catastrophe. This principle breaks down when others in an insurance pool engage in known risks that increase the cost of insurance. That is the situation with health in the US.

Health insurance for everyone is a necessity but what form that should take is difficult to determine under the current circumstances. Using health insurance to reform the health care system is a mistake. It has not been successful in the past and it will not be successful in the future.

The primary task is the development of a comprehensive health care system that links health promotion, prevention of disease, early detection of health problems and medical care. It is not as far away as may seem. When that task is acommplished or at least well underway, health insurance will be an entirely different consideration.

Meanwhile, sharing health risk with others whose lifestyle choices are known to be risky will continue to be unpopular.

BBC NEWS Health 'Get tough' on unhealthy - survey: "'Get tough' on unhealthy - survey "


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