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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Learning Lifestyle, Continued
  1. Motivation is the ignition for a biological machine
  2. Get a grip - establish goals and practice patience and persistence
  3. Live today and plan in detail for tomorrow and the next day
  4. Plan each day for what you must do, what you should do and what you want to do
  5. Be honest about must do, should do and want to do
  6. Don't waste a day because of a bad moment - every day and parts of a day count
  7. Make small changes over time - it will make a big difference
  8. Clean up your environment - organize and discard
  9. Commit to feeling good - when you feel good, you do well
  10. Compliment someone each day
  11. Walk 10,000 steps each day - get a pedometer, it will motivate you
  12. Sleep seven to eight hours each night
  13. Avoid eating while standing up, watching television or riding in a car
  14. Always eat off a plate - china, if possible
  15. Eat smaller, more frequent meals - it helps appetite and metabolism
  16. Express the style that identifies you

Style is about you and life

  • it is maturity, responsibility, self worth, relationships, passion and dreams
  • it is work, play and accomplishments
  • it is being thoughtful, elegant, casual, unique and belonging
  • it is the power of one, the power of many, the power to be all you can be and to know it
  • it is health, function, endurance and energy
  • it is to be captivating, compelling and motivating
  • it is to be an example and memorable

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Style is in your mind's eye

Above all, enjoy a life with Style


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