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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Place To Start

Americans will try any fad diet that comes along and blame stress for their lack of success. Any herb or compound that promises mirace results gets a try. A variety of sleep medications are used to counter poor sleep habits. Yet, with all of this lack of insight, physical activity is the least understood aspect of healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity is the most important aspect of healthy lifestyle. Nothing comes close to physical activity for influence upon the entire spectrum of metabolism. Physical activity moderates the stress hormones, relieves depression, promotes sleep, increases sensitivity to insulin, reduces low density (bad) cholesterol, increases high density (good) cholesterol, improves cardiopulmonary endurance, and on and on. Physical activity provides discipline for the other aspects of healthy lifestyle.

Start slowly and build gradually. There is a tendency to do too much too quickly, but the most significant problem is that people woefully underestimate the amount of physical activity required. The government standards are pitifully low and the majority of Americans do not come close to meeting them. Take the long-term view and set the sites higher. Refer to the post on November 23rd about 10,000 steps daily. Without this degree of effort you will never be successful or pleased with the results.

Health News Article Reuters.com: "Many Americans choose couch over treadmill"


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