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Fixin' Healthcare

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"The Age Of Denial"

In his article "The Age Of Denial" Mr. Frank expresses frustration with the low acceptance of science by the public and the political establishment. He cites climate change and vaccinations as two examples of consequence where the train does appear to have jumped off the tracks. But science is not always understood or accurate and the pursuit of science is not an absolute endeavor.

Medical care is an example of what can happen when acceptance goes too far. Medical care is often wrong in its conclusions about a health problem but the subsequent treatment may become widespread. There is a mysticism about medical care that masquerades as science and it can become popular in the context of desperate people suffering with health problems. And, then, there is the ever present and pervasive medical-industrial complex ready to pounce upon any and every profit potential. Consider, too, the alternative health arena with its "great expectations". Meanwhile, chronic health problems associated with lifestyle and behavior are treated by medical care at great cost but not cured.

Not such a simple issue, is it?   


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