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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Truth Depends

Truth is not a relative term but it is a relative concept. Perhaps that is due to the large unknown and mystery of life but it is also due to bias, denial and ignorance of the known, whether intended or not. No doubt, there are many reasons that costs for medical care and health insurance premiums are rapidly increasing. The amazing thing is how policy makers on both sides of the political divide continue pursuing failed strategies. Instead of trying to reform health insurance and/or trying to provide medical care for everyone, the goal should be the best strategy to achieve the best health status possible for each individual and the population.

Medical care is the diagnosis and treatment of sickness, it is not a strategy to achieve the best health status possible. Medical care seldom achieves the health status present before a sickness. Decreasing the need for medical care by achieving a healthier population would lower health insurance costs.


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