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Fixin' Healthcare

Monday, February 28, 2011

If Health Is the Priority, Prove It

Should optimum health status for each person and the population be the top priority for the nation, as the body politic proclaims, then every public policy must be examined for its impact upon that goal. Health status is dependent upon much more than medical care, especially if it is to be the best health status possible. Education, economic well-being, agriculture and food supply, physical activity, the environment, energy and the climate are vitally important for achieving optimum health status for the population. Every priority of the nation depends upon optimum health status of the population and achieving optimum health status depends upon every basic, essential priority of the nation. All nations must guard against the inevitable and constant drift and steady dilution that occurs in the process of establishing and maintaining essential priorities based upon national values. Now is the time to prove that optimum health status is a the top priority for the nation and accept that more medical care is not the answer for achieving that priority.


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