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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Transformation is a powerful force whose source and course is less predictable and less likely to be planned than reform. Individuals and society struggle to keep up with transformation, which yields a new direction or a different way of accomplishing something or a different goal. Transformation is rare and it does not depend upon reformers who attempt to adjust existing systems.

To achieve the best health status possible for individuals and the community will be disruptive and the process will have to be creative and persistent beyond the wildest imaginings of today's reformers. And good luck with all the economic enterprise that has grown wealthy serving and abetting sickness. Don't be surprised they resemble Wall Street bankers with a bit more arrogance and even less contrition. A culture oriented to sickness is sapping the biological and economic vitality of the nation. Changing this culture is above and beyond medical care reform.



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