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Fixin' Healthcare

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prevention Of Harm To Oneself

Should people be prevented from doing harm to themselves? When that involves immediate and drastic harm the answer is yes. Suicide for example. When the harm is more gradual and less obviously acknowledged the response is more debatable. Smoking and junk food for example. Over time the linkage between cause and effect becomes more obvious and society chooses to act. Even then regulations are less effective than social norms. The wrinkle comes with the large commercial enterprises built upon bad habits. It is a long and arduous path to a healthy society and the future belongs to the children. When people make better choices, no one will sell the bad choices. If I'm not mistaken the sales of soda in the U.S. is declining. Most people want to look good and feel good and sooner or later they learn what it takes to accomplish that goal. In that regard a free market society is the best option. Business enterprises follow their customers or they go out of business. Just don't forget those children  


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