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Fixin' Healthcare

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Commonly Held Assumptions In Health

It dose not take long to recognize that many commonly held assumptions about health are not accurate. Two examples are mammograms and vitamin supplements. In the past there was not enough information to counter such practices and the assumptions were extrapolations based upon reasonable facts. In health there is great pressure to do something but cause no harm. Physicians are especially susceptible to such pressure. A technology oriented world places value on the latest technology and it is often widely distributed before it can be fully evaluated. But in some cases utilization of technology becomes the evaluation. Not to be overlooked is the business side of medicine creating pressure to maximize utilization and revenue. Direct advertizing to the public by pharmaceutical companies comes to mind but hospitals and health professionals are also caught in this web. Some of this will be countered by the increased use of sophisticated information systems and data bases. The cost of business as usual prevents continuation of business as usual, especially when many previous practices do not lead to better health.   


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