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Fixin' Healthcare

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exercise As Medicine

The American public is conditioned to think of health in terms of medical care. Physicians are trained to utilize drugs for health problems and even for the prevention of health problems. Consider the recent recommendations for the use of statin drugs. Further, the standard of therapy involves drugs and the public expects drugs. This study indicates that exercise is the equivalent of drugs in some situations involving chronic diseases. Many health care providers know that lifestyle including regular, consistent exercise can avoid drugs. But will people do it? The answer is to not take the chance. So, until there is a significant change in our culture drugs hold center stage (don't forget the advertising by pharmaceutical companies). But lifestyle must be emphasized and with improvement in health plus patients tiring of taking drugs there may occur the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the drugs. Drugs are always more romantic before someone is leased to them. People need more confidence in themselves.  


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