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Fixin' Healthcare

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mammograms In the News Again

A new study reveals that mammograms don't save as many lives as people think. Early detection and secondary prevention are an extension of medical care and they are just as expensive as medical care. But do they yield the expected results? This question will continue to be examined and I expect the results to show that the lives of some people are saved. Don't expect this to yield cost savings and do expect some morbidity and even mortality associated with the process of early detection and treatment. Some of the treatments will be unnecessary but that would not be obvious before the fact. My concern is that medical care, including early detection and secondary prevention, distracts from the attention and effort directed to primary prevention. Certainly, more needs to be learned about primary prevention but a workable body of knowledge is available. Application of this knowledge to populations and individuals will save lives and increase the quality of life.     


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