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Fixin' Healthcare

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lots of Room For Improvement

Medical care is so large and health is so poorly managed in the U.S. that plenty of room exists for improvement. This article reports on such a situation for the group of people who are recipients of both Medicare and Medicaid. The article goes on to indicate the concerns and opposition to change. Also highlighted is a more basic structural problem that sooner or later must be addressed. Why should health insurers be the ones to deal with this? They are financial people, not health care providers. But, then, they are responding to the inadequacies in the training and organization of health care providers. These issues are on the table along with proposals to correct them but none of this goes far enough to solve the basic problems - too much medical care and not enough health care, too much specialty care and not enough primary care, too much fragmentation and not enough integration. These issues can be managed at the community and state level. 


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