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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Source

Among the complex situations that have become problems for the United States, none surpass health and health care. There are many reasons this occurred but topping the list is lack of understanding for the situation and mismanaging the problem. Health is the issue but it was ignored to focus upon sickness. The continuing and increasing focus upon sickness elevated medical care above health care to eventually and inevitably result in stalemate with chronic disease, increasing cost and deteriorating health status. Lack of understanding for health and lack of appreciation for health care surrenders lifestyle to a culture that fosters unhealthy habits and does little to promote health. The culture and unhealthy lifestyles reinforce each other and, in turn, impact the national economy, the environment and climate. Medical care reform will not relieve this situation or solve the problems but communities across the country are initiating projects to promote health at the local level. Look there for changed mind-sets and new vision to develop and implement programs for better health.


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