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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Find and Fix

Following World War II large sums of money were spent upon biomedical research. The utilization of the expanding knowledge of science and technology to serve a purpose required a conceptual framework. Society responded by giving precedence to the quest for cures over the quest for health. It was to be proven a lifestyle choice. The quest for cures is channeled through diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease and injury. This created a large and complex medical care system with the responsibility to find the problems and fix them. Without a counterbalancing concept or a systemic process to promote and pursue good health the medical care system with the cooperation and full support of the economic and political systems grew to dominate the public perspective of health. Ideally, sickness would be the exception to good health and sickness would be unusual; however, simultaneous changes in society created increased risk for unhealthy lifestyles and reduced some of the safeguards for health.


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