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Fixin' Healthcare

Friday, October 30, 2009

Balance and Moderation

Medical care and health care are two different and related activities with the same goal but different objectives and each uses different processes to achieve their objectives. The central focus of medical care is illness, disease and injury. Medical care professionals dispense services that diagnosis and treat illness, disease and injury with the intent to relieve these conditions and restore the best health possible. The essence of health care is lifestyle based upon education, art, belief systems, values, religion and spiritual life. Health care professionals at their best are educators with an appreciation of art who contribute to the enrichment of spiritual life with the intent to promote, maintain and enhance the best health status possible. Together, medical care and health care comprise the health system and, currently, they are out of balance. The result is many more people seeking medical care than need be. The most effective way to reform the health system and improve health status in the United States is to elevate and enhance healthy lifestyle and embed it in every institution of each community.