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Fixin' Healthcare

Friday, May 23, 2008

If You Don't Do Life, It will Do You

If you don’t do life, it will do you. Aging is an experience, not an intellectual exercise or a disease, and not everyone has the same experience. Each person must define their understanding of passage through life. If not, the world will impose definition and rob experience. Experience is the real deal. It creates a basis in fact as it engages the senses and stimulates emotions. Instincts and habits are developed through experience, and instincts and habits direct much of human behavior.

Society most often chooses to define life temporally and many people live by default according to that definition. Any definition of life imposes expectations that inevitably become limitations and a temporal definition is no exception. Anticipation of the future generates optimism and the will to live, which relegates chronological age to a secondary consideration for determining such aspects of life as health status, well-being, and contributions to the benefit of others and progress of society.

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