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Fixin' Healthcare

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lessons and Lives

If told properly, everyone has a life story to rival those contained in the great literature of the world. In the context of the emotional and intellectual response to life there is drama and passion, victory and defeat. Life is complex and messy, and filled with confusion. The desires to control life or to withdraw from it weave in and out throughout every lifetime. Everyone has multiple lifetimes with most of them progressing simultaneously. A total lifetime contains lifetimes as a son or daughter, worker, spouse, parent and grandparent among others. Whatever the combination, each person is unique in ways far more significant and consequential than the political and social concept of the "individual". At every point in time and space, bolstered by the lessons of their life, each person is required to frame the possibilities for the future whether or not they are consciously aware of the fact.

The lessons of life are embedded in the conscious and the unconscious mind but it is not always possible to determine how they interact to influence decisions and actions. Daily life contains moments when a few words or passing thought project a vivid image and convey an instant meaning. The moment passes but the message lingers like an echo and recurs according to its value for living each day and providing direction to life. The basis for decisions, decision making and human behavior form an arena of intense interest to society. Governments are constantly attempting to explore the minds of those who threaten national security. Business wants to know and influence decisions and actions of consumers. The decisions of daily life and the subsequent behavior of individuals and the aggregate population are the most significant influence upon the status of life on earth that is potentially manageable.

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