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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Prolonging Life's Persistent Problems

What were the circumstances that resulted in the prescribing of an antidepressant for you?

My mother died and I had difficulty dealing with the loss.

I see, when did that happen?

Ten years ago.

And, you have been on the medication since that time?

You have been taking a medication for heartburn for several years. Does it provide relief?


Does the heartburn reoccur?

Whenever I stop taking the medication.

And, you are about 75 pounds overweight. What happens when you stop eating junk food, start eating more vegetables and fruit, walk 30 minutes each day and lose weight?

The heartburn goes away.

Do you continue to need the medication.


The Democrats are concerned about prices of drugs and want the government to negotiate lower prices for Medicare beneficiaries, but not which drugs are covered. There are some who believe the only way to get big savings and discounts is to steer patients to certain preferred drugs.

The prescribing of drugs is out of control. Negotiating lower prices is a bandage that ignores the basic problem. Physicians and the public need to be involved in a massive and intense campaign to reduce the prescribing of drugs.

Drugs are perceived to be quick and easy solutions to life's persistent problems. More often than not, drugs are a solution that prolongs the problem.

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