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Fixin' Healthcare

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Of Mice And Men

Neil Postman in his book, "Amusing Ourselves To Death", describes modern culture as constant entertainment. It is a culture distracted by triva where social interaction has given way to private preserve. Public conversations are sound bytes. Information is out of context and often with inappropriate association. Technology is revered as a simple means for fast solutions to problems.

Technology is a machine and a process. Technology creates an intellectual and social environment influencing human behavior. For Postman, television is the dominant technology that has created modern culture.

Within this culture and over a short period of time, technology has created medical care and oriented society to illness and disease. Medical care has become a metaphor for health.

But, now, what is health? More medical care? Medical care (health) insurance for everyone? A free get out of jail card?

Here comes that Kafka feeling all over again.

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