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Fixin' Healthcare

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Try High Octane Fuel

Sorry to be gone for so long but I'm baaaack and still preaching.

Have you ever considered what a marvelous machine the human body is? It can utilize organic and inorganic materials to produce chemical energy and manufacture hormones, neurotransmitters and new cells. The organs function continuously for years. The body can adapt and grow and function in a number of ways. To do these things the body needs proper fuel and building materials.

Do you think these ingredients are in sodas, chips, crackers, fries, pastries or candy? Is it possible that artificial sweeteners, excess sodium and altered fats in processed food damage this machine and cause it to function poorly? Would you feel better and perform better with food and water that contain the ingredients the body needs?

Machines that are not used rust and inactive bodies age rapidly!


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