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Fixin' Healthcare

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Beginning Of Health Care

In America the medical care system has inhibited the development of a health care system. The pathway to good health is believed to pass through medical care. It makes no difference the data shows this is not the case. Excess investment in medical care propels momentum for more utilization of medical care. That is not to say medical care is unnecessary but life in America creates far more medical care than is justified when it is judged on the basis of outcomes and health status. Poor health generates more medical care that sustains and increases the amount of poor health leading to more medical care. It is a continuous cycle. Much is made of the inefficiency and perverse incentives in the fractured medical care system. Overlooked is the lack of effectiveness for medical care regardless of the efficiency of the system in which it is organized. A health care system consisting of public and community health is beginning to show a better pathway to the best health possible. New York City is an example and there are other communities joining in the effort. That is not to say they will avoid resistance from those who refuse change even to achieve better health and longer life. But these changes are coming and they will restructure society in ways we cannot imagine.         


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