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Fixin' Healthcare

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Future of Health Care

Over the past thirty years America has experienced a dramatic rise in the incidence of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, including hypertension. Medical care sustains people suffering with these health problems but cannot cure them. As a result, medical care costs accelerated but health status deteriorated. Much of these health problems are due to lifestyle choices, primarily inadequate nutrition and physical inactivity. This situation takes a heavy toll on children and as the population ages society will carry a heavy burden from the health problems of the aged. But the problems can be prevented, cured and moderated through lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices are best impacted at the level of the community. A growing number of cities (New York City, Oklahoma City, Greenville, SC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, Ga, Louisville and Chicago) are taking steps to improve health status of their population by means of public health and promoting better lifestyle choices. An energized and expanded version of community health will be the significant development in health care for the 21st Century. Count on it and depend on it.


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