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Fixin' Healthcare

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Lifestyle Chronicles - Human Spirit

Is each person only what they inherit from their parents? Is the future solely determined by the mixture of two sets of genes? Is that all there is to that?

Judith Harris in her book The Nuture Assumption advocates there is more potential to the future than what is inherited from parents. Certainly, genes set the stage and parents maintain, or not, the early conditions. Producing the play and attracting the audience is determined by the interaction of the child with the environment and their peers.

Unfortunately, some people inherit health problems and there are occasional mutations that convey poor health. These are not common. The future of health is determined by the interaction of a child, then an adult with the environment and their peers. Undoubtedly, the interactions of childhood influence conditions for the adult they become.

People are not victims and they are never restricted to being spectators in their own play. Nor, do they deserve poor health. Optimum health is the best health status a person can achieve. Although that may be more limited for some, there is a potential for each person. Achieving that potential depends upon personal effort and community commitment. Community commitment includes but is not limited to the healthcare system.

Nature is less forgiving than society. Each person is held responsible for their actions. The only appeal comes from within. I am reminded of Johnny Cash, his life and his song entitled "A Boy Named Sue". And, we want to avoid the fate of the kept rabbits that Richard Adams wrote about in Watership Down.

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